Features: PrivacyOn


  • We protect you and your subscribers.
  • All data is encrypted with your private data key.
  • Use RelevantBlue secure signup forms to build your list.
  • Burn Messages automatically self destruct.
  • We do not log your IP address.
  • We do not write or read cookies on the computers or devices of your receipients.
  • Active system logs are used only to maintain the health of the system and monitor successful delivery of email messages.
  • Logs are deleted when they are rolled over each day. We do not back up or archive log files.

Send Email

  • Upload your email lists from tab delimited or CSV files. Encrypt your list or delete when you are done.
  • Create messages using our responsive design email templates or upload your own html.
  • Easy html generator is also included for creating quick messages.
  • Send from you@relevantblue.com. Responses go to the hidden reply address you specify.
  • RelevantBlue uses DKIM to digitally sign each email message.
  • An unsubscribe link is inserted into the header and footer of each message. Recipients that unsubscribe will be placed on a do-not-send list for your account and will not receive future mailings.
  • Undeliverable email addresses will be reported as a bounce.

Get started for free.

  • Sign up with a promotion code and get started for free.
  • Pay as you need it. Prices start at $10 for 10,000 emails sent, depending on features used.
  • The only time your account is charged is before you send a mailing.
No Cookies or Pixels
No Email Open Tracking
No Click tracking
No IP location tracking
No logs
No backups

Why RelevantBlue?

PrivacyOn™ Secure Data & Private Email Marketing. Protect yourself & your subscribers.