PrivacyOn™ Email Marketing


RelevantBlue protects you and your subscribers. All data is encrypted with your private key. Your location is not tracked. Only you have access to your data.

Secure Data Encryption

Web forms securely collect your data and automatically encrypt it with your private data key. Get your custom mobile design RelevantBlue landing page or install forms on your own website.

Private Email Marketing

Upload your email lists and send email campaigns. Private email marketing protects your subscribers. Send Burn Messages that automatically self destruct. Say what you want to say.

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No credit card is required. Use code #Secure16 for 10,000 free email messages. Free support. Bonus offer of double your messages if switching from a traditional email marketing provider.

Why RelevantBlue?

PrivacyOn™ Secure Data & Private Email Marketing. Protect yourself & your subscribers.