I got an A on my Site Certificate!

site certificate grade
18 aug 2015

I got an A on my Site Certificate!

By Jean Christofferson

It is so rewarding to get a good grade. But I am not quite satified yet as as an A isn't quite as good as an A+. There is always room for improvement with security.

Getting a site certificate setup has always been a cumbersome task that you don't do very often so you forget the steps that you used the last time. It also used to be very expensive and time consuming. My first site certificate cost $750 and I had to wait several days before receiving a phone call that confirmed that I really was me.

Now with SSL Mate you can get your site certificate setup in minutes all from the comfort of the command line. And the price has come way down so you can install a single site certificate for only $15.95.

Once you get your site certificate installed you can use SSL Labs to get your grade. If you don't get an A the first time around there are lots of resources available to help you up your security game.

So why is it important that the RelevantBlue site certificate gets an A? Having a site certificate proves that you are actually using RelevantBlue and not a malicious website that is pretending to be RelevantBlue. Using SSL (https) encrypts all the information between your browser and the RelevantBlue server.

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