Security Alert #ParisAttacks

security alert
16 nov 2015

Security Alert #ParisAttacks

By Jean Christofferson

The #ParisAttacks focus attention again on the midevil barbarity of ISIS, ISIL, Daesh. We don't even know what to call them. How can we understand them? How can we stop them? Paris is a symbol of western freedom of expression where democratic and revolutionary ideas can flourish. We need to unite for freedom.

From the start I was concerned that RelevantBlue be used for good, which I mean the good of your family, friends, neighbors and community and progressive causes that will determine our survival, such as LeadOnClimate. We want to go farther than Google's "do no evil", but how do you do it? RelevantBlue terms of use require that you not be a terrorist as defined by the U.S. Department of State, but that doesn't seem sufficient.

First and formost I am a liberal progressive American. I vote #UniteBlue for progressive causes. I remember 9-11 when the skies were silent but soccer practice still went on. I buy American and local whenever possible. Our community is what defines us.

We fight to protect our privacy that is invaded in the name of protection. If we could trust that the invasion was only being used for good, perhaps? We often do not even know when our privacy is being violated and by who. Things we say today may be used against us years in the future by those that put their idealogy before humanity.

There are rumors that Sony PlayStation 4s were used by the terrorists to coordinate because it is more challenging to track. Sony has an NSA backdoor, but is it working? Should it be working? Are there other methods?

RelevantBlue's focus is on privacy to protect our customers and subscribers. How do we balance the many ways to avoid surveillance with the need to stop the really bad guys who kill innocent people? Not all bad guys are terrorists so sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

What side are you on? Unless you are #daesh, we are all on the same side, even if we see the details differently. We have to reach out in kindness and trust one another as humans in the same community.

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