Privacy and Surveillance under President Trump

Privacy and Surveillance under President Trump

We can no longer be complacent.

What you should do to protect yourself and your customers.

privacy security under Trump
14 Nov 2016

With the U.S. November 8th election results we can no longer be complacent with privacy and security for ourselves, family, friends, and customers.

Privacy experts fear Donald Trump running global surveillance network. Privacy and human rights campaigners in the US and UK say a Trump presidency will tip the balance between surveillance and privacy decisively towards the former. The UK surveillance agency GCHQ is so tied up with s NSA, often doing work on its behalf, it could find itself facing a series of ethical dilemmas.

On the campaign trail, Trump made an ambiguous remark about wishing he had access to surveillance. "I wish I had that power" he said while talking about the email hack of Democratic National Committee "Man, that would be power."

John Napier Tye, a former state department official who became a reluctant whistleblower in 2014, warning of NSA dragnets, said: "Obama and Bush could have set the best possible privacy protections in place, but the trouble is, it's all set by executive order, not statute."

"So Trump could revise the executive order as he pleases. And since it's all done in secret, unless you have someone willing to break the law to tell you that it happened, it's not clear the public will ever learn it did. Consider that even now, the American people still do not know how much data on US persons the NSA actually collects."

So what can we do?

Let's start with encryption. It doesn't take much work and once you have it setup you can go about daily life and conduct business knowing you are taking the steps to keep your personal data private. The list of what personal data includes is long but start today. Quincy Larson has written a great article that can get you started now.

How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour.

Common sense security for everyone

Do it. Do it NOW.

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