Our First Million

first million
21 oct 2015

Our First Million

By Jean Christofferson

RelevantBlue just reached our first million! Thank you to all our customers who were part of our beta program. We are officially out of beta and already working towards our first billion.

Emails first, dollars later. If you want to send email marketing with PrivacyOn™ you are welcome to get started and help us get to a billion email messages sent by RelevantBlue. Use code #PrivacyOn to send up to 50,000 free email messages before the end of 2015.

Sending large amounts of email is a lot different than sending an email message to your mother. RelevantBlue technology utilizes over 15 years of experience sending commerical email traffic. We have feedback loops with all the major ISPs, sign every message digitally using DKIM, and adher to industry best practices to make sure your message is delivered to your customers.

What we don't do is track you or your customers. No harvesting of location and behavioral information. No retargeting or following you and your customers around the interest. No aggregating and selling your data rolled up into big data. We do not keep metrics on your or your customers.

PrivacyOn™ Email Marketing

Founder of RelevantBlue

Learn How to Protect Yourself:

Your privacy and protection is our first priority.

  • Your email address is encrypted when it is stored.
  • RelevantBlue runs our own server farm in a secure data center.
  • We do NOT sell, share or disclose email addresses.

Why RelevantBlue?

PrivacyOn™ Safe Email Marketing. Protect yourself & your subscribers.