Digital Surveillance is Worse than 1984

digital surveillance
25 aug 2015

Digital Surveillance is Worse than 1984

By Jean Christofferson

Most of us go about our daily lives without thinking about how often we are being monitored. A data breach such as Ashley Madison may make you think about all the companies you have handed over your information to, but you may also just think, as I have done, that I am doing nothing wrong so I have nothing to worry about.

But the problem is not just restricted to data breaches that may compromise your financial information or embarass you socially. Every day your phone calls, emails, internet access, physical location and movements are being tracked. Edward Snowden's disclosures exposed some of the ways that citizens are being monitored but raises many serious questions and concerns.

With evolving technology, digital surveillance is not restricted by borders. Joseph Cannataci is the first UN Privacy Chief and commented that Digital surveillance is 'worse than Orwell'. Becoming aware of how our own data is collected is the first step to taking control of our data and ensuring that private information is not abused.

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