Is Your Private Data Leaking from the Cloud?

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20 Jan 2016

#Privacy: Is Your Private Data Leaking from the Cloud?

By Jean Christofferson

It seems everyday there is a new story about data hacks and information security. You read the story and are relieved to learn you personally are not at risk. You did not buy gas at the station where credit cards were being skimmed, you don't use the specific service that was compromised, so you must be safe. But there is a new way that your data can be exposed.

Everything is moving into the cloud but the cloud can be leaking data. It could be your personal data. Data is abandoned and left vulnerable to anyone passing by, as was the case with 1.5 million medical records.

As businesses of all types are moving to the cloud, more development is moving into the cloud as well. Developers may be free lancers or contractors located anywhere. And they may not have data security as their first objective. Typically they are hired for a task. Once the task is done they move on. But did they clean up after themselves or did they leave your private data drifting in the cloud to be exposed?

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