Burn Messages Automatically Self Destruct

burn mail that self destructs
24 aug 2015

Burn Messages Automatically Self Destruct

By Jean Christofferson

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words takes on new meaning as an email message that consists entirely of an image. Using an image lets you say exactly what you want, how you want to. You can include any type of graphics or pictures that you would like. The size of the image is up to you.

Mail filters have a harder time extracing the content from an image only message so you may be able say things in an image that would trigger a filter and block your mailing if you used text. Mail filters are very sophisicated and analyze over 100 different metrics. The metrics inspected include the structure and type of html used in the message. The html of an image only message can be a negative but the freedom that an image only message offers frequently makes it best choice.

A burn message adds another level of control. You can specifiy when you want the image to be deleted. At the requested time the original image will be replaced with a generic expiration image. Limited time offers are perfect for a burn message.

There are certain restrictions that apply. My engineering background makes me want to list the few potential cases were burn messages can leave traces behind. Contact me if you want exact details or want to explore using a higher level of destruction.

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