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Privacy and Surveillance under President Trump

With the U.S. November 8th election result we can no longer be complacent with privacy and security for ourselves, family, friends, and customers. Learn what you should do now to protect yourself and your customers.Read More

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

What you don't know can hurt you. Is your website getting all the traffic it should?

How can you find out what is really going on? Read More

Is Your Private Data Leaking from the Cloud?

It seems everyday there is a new story about data hacks and information security. You read the story and are relieved to learn you personally are not at risk. You did not buy gas at the station where credit cards were being skimmed, you don't use the specific service that was compromised, so you must be safe. But there is a new way that your data can be exposed. Read More

Can You have your Pie and Eat it Too?

Every move you make on the internet is tracked, not just once or twice but multiple times. While there are many tools that can help you avoid detection, some of them compromise the end user experience or require a bit of effort, and they end up not being used. Learn how you can have your pie and eat it too! Read More

Security Alert #ParisAttack

The #ParisAttacks focus attention again on the midevil barbarity of ISIS, ISIL, Daesh. We don't even know what to call them. How can we understand them? How can we stop them? Paris is a symbol of western freedom of expression where democratic and revolutionary ideas can flourish. We need to unite for freedom.

RelevantBlue's focus is on privacy to protect our customers and subscribers. How do we balance the many ways to avoid surveillance with the need to stop the really bad guys who kill innocent people? Not all bad guys are terrorists so sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. Read More

Security & Privacy Gifts from Aaron Swartz

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 2015 Aaron Swartz Day in San Francisco. For anyone interested in privacy and security (which should be all of us) there are tools available that you can easily setup such as Tor Browser, Tor Messager, Signal from Whisper Systems, Onion Share, and Keybase. Read More

Our First Million

RelevantBlue just reached our first million! Thank you to all our customers who were part of our beta program. We are officially out of beta and already working towards our first billion.

Emails first, dollars later. If you want to send email marketing with PrivacyOn™ you are welcome to get started and help us get to a billion email messages sent by RelevantBlue. Use code #PrivacyOn to send up to 50,000 free email messages before the end of 2015. Read More

Get Personal with your Data

Do you know where your data is? If you live in Europe it might get a little easier to find out. The European Court of Justice ruled that the so-called safe harbor agreement was flawed.. infringing on European's rights to privacy. The data includes search history, social media posts, what you looked at, like the 3 am cat video, and things that you deleted. Read More

Who is Tracking You?

A lot goes on for each email message that is delivered. Multiple pieces of data are captured and saved by different entities. All this little data is accumulated into the Big Data that is mined to determine what your innermost desires are and what your purchasing intentions might be. And it starts with a single pixel. Read More

Ashley Madison Privacy Exposed

At first it is hard to feel sorry for all the 32 million people exposed in the Ashley Madison hack. They should have known better. And some of them, mostly the women, were apparently not even real. But the reality of the impact sets in with tragic suicides and people losing their jobs, in addition to many others in relationship counseling or divorce court. At the time people signed up, many took what seemed to be prudent precautions to protect their identity, but now they are panicked, trying to find out if they are exposed. Read More

Thinking About Encryption

I grew up on the internet using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an email encryption software package. It was the first encryption software that I used, and for a long time the only encryption that I used. Being like most on the internet, I did not encrypt my personal emails. It was cumbersome, the people receiving my email were not using encryption, and I felt I had nothing to hide in my email communications. I primarily used PGP to encrypt account credentials and credit card information on the server for the systems that I developed. Read More

Bitcoin Technology Derivatives

Bitcoin technology is heating up with big banks, exchanges and startups exploring how to use Bitcoin blockchain technology. NASDAQ is running a project using blockchain technology for private stock exchanges. Banks are getting together with the help of such startups like R3CEV to collaborate using blockchain technology to trade syndicated loans and corporate bonds. The foreign exchange market is also investigating ways to use blockchains to keep track of the $3 trillion traded daily. Read More

Digital Surveillance is Worse than 1984

Most of us go about our daily lives without thinking about how often we are being monitored. A data breach such as Ashley Madison may make you think about all the companies you have handed over your information to, but you may also just think, as I have done, that I am doing nothing wrong so I have nothing to worry about. Read More

Burn Messages Automatically Self Destruct

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words takes on new meaning with an email message that consists entirely of an image. Using an image lets you say exactly what you want, how you want to. You can include any type of graphics or pictures that you want. A burn message self destructs at the scheduled time. Read More

I got an A on my Site Certificate!

It is so rewarding to get a good grade. But I am not quite satified yet as as an A isn't quite as good as an A+. There is always room for improvement with security. Read More

My First Bitcoin

I just bought my first bitcoin but it feels anticlimatic and unsatisfying. I can't touch it. I don't even have it yet as it is pending. It doesn't seem right that it won't be in my digital wallet for 5 business days. With all the speed of the internet why is it taking so long? I can order something from Amazon and have it on my doorstep the next day. Online transactions of all types occur instantaneously. I have come to expect instant gratification. Read More

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