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26 Jan 2016

Google is always fine tuning the algorithm that determines where your website will end up in the organic search results. If your website isn't on the first page it is unlikely to be seen. There are hundreds of factors that go into your search ranking but the design of your website is a now a factor. Specifically, is your website mobile friendly?

For businesses, it's a sobering wake-up call: Get up to speed on mobile. Otherwise, get buried in search results, hemorrhage web traffic and lose revenues.

Currently about 30% of all internet traffic comes from mobile and the percentage is increasing every year. Your actual mobile traffic may vary depending on your industry and client base but if your website is not mobile friendly that may be contributing to your low numbers as people abandon your website in favor of a competitor.

So what is mobile friendly? There are multiple ways to implement a mobile friendly website but simply put your website should automatically adjust to display properly on every size of device from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktops. This doesn't mean just presenting a teeny tiny version of your website on a phone. The font size should be readable and the content arranged to be easy to access on a phone. The navigation should adjust and present a menu option on smaller devices.

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