Thinking About Encryption

pgp encryption
7 sept 2015

Thinking About Encryption

By Jean Christofferson

I grew up on the internet using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an email encryption software package. It was the first encryption software that I used, and for a long time the only encryption that I used. Being like most on the internet, I did not encrypt my personal emails. It was cumbersome, the people receiving my email were not using encryption, and I felt I had nothing to hide in my email communications. I primarily used PGP to encrypt account credentials and credit card information on the server for the systems that I developed.

Phil Zimmermann is the creator of PGP. After the 2010 sale to Symantec, PGP was no longer an option for our software development requirements and I started using other solutions for server side encryption. Even the creator of PGP no longer uses PGP.

Now I am thinking about email encryption again. Phil Zimmerman's new company, Silent Circle, looks very interesting, but is focused on enterprise solutions where everyone involved prioritizes private communication. RelevantBlue is offering email marketing where RelevantBlue takes action to protect senders and subscribers. Subscribers do not want to take any special steps, such as using a special phone or app. Stay tuned for new developments in this very interesting and vital area.

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