Security & Privacy Gifts from Aaron Swartz

aaron swartz gifts
9 nov 2015

Security & Privacy Gifts from Aaron Swartz

By Jean Christofferson

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 2015 Aaron Swartz Day in San Francisco. The details of the federal prosecution don't reveal the extent of his gifts to freedom of information. Starting at age 13 Aaron Swartz was contributing as a co-developer to RSS and then a co-founder of Reddit.

For anyone interested in privacy and security (which should be all of us) there are tools available that you can easily setup:

  • The Tor browser is first. As you search the internet your connection is bounced through 7 different IP addresses so that your location is hidden.
  • Now in beta, Tor Messager enables secure messaging from computers.
  • Signal from Whisper Sytstems enables private message and phone calls for Anroid and iPhones. All communication is encrypted automatically.
  • Onion Share, developed by Micah Lee, lets you share encrypted files. "It is like Dropbox, but encrypted and reliable. As soon as the person downloads the file, it can be erased from the server and it's no longer accessible to anyone."
  • Keybase enables you to authenticate who you are communicating with using social media accounts such as Twitter.

Before his death, Aaron developed DeadDrop, which has become SecureDrop, an anonymous submission platform for whistle blowers. A film is being made, "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop". Donate and spread the word to help keep information free.

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